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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bad internet is not so bad after all

So I’ve been trying to think more positively lately; like you know when you try to see the positive side of every negative issue, yeah that... 
And in the light of the raging frustration towards our internet connection and the Ontornet initiative I decided to sit and think of the positives of having a shitty bad internet connection. 
I realized there are advantages!! Who would have thought?! So here are the positive points I just discovered, I'm sure there are many more but I guess I need more practice in the positivity domain:
  • The mobile glue effect: wouldn't we all become like BB users (no offense BB users): "If you want me to look at you, you’ll have to send me a message on my BBM"
  • The series syndrome: imagine you had the ability to download a whole series season in 1 hour, would you ever leave the house or read a book, or sit with your family?
  • Multitasking skills: you’re still able to do offline tasks while waiting for a page to load : like call a friend, make coffee, have a cigarette, work a bit, etc…
  • Disconnect-ivity: Isn’t it awesome that we can disconnect from time to time? For example when it’s raining or when there’s no electricity or when some politicians have certain issues and decide to shut down internet...
  • Patience skill: Didn't we all become patient by nature? Isn't waiting for someone or for an appointment or in traffic much much bearable?
  • The personal contact: Even if you send someone an email, you’ll have to call that person, and check if he received it. Expats still have to visit often because video calls make us look like retards and they would want to check we’re still ok.
  • The guaranteed excuse: “Yes I replied, didn't you get it? Oh it must be this bad bad internet connection!”
  • Appreciation skill: like when surprisingly a page loads in 5 seconds, don’t you take a minute and appreciate this bliss?
  • Physical exercise: if you have a USB dongle or probably any mobile modem device, you'd understand what I mean; holding the laptop, walking around and searching for a better connectivity signal are all equivalent to a 30 min workout.
  • Money saving: how many times did you abandon a cart or lost interest in an item because it was taking you more time than it would have taken you if you actually went to the shop and bought it (including travel time)
  • Virus protection: any download or received link has to be well thought of, risks have to be measured and priorities have to be made. Even if you clicked a link that turned out to be a virus by mistake, you have plenty of time to realize it and abandon the operation before any damage has been done
  • Unity: At least all Lebanese share and agree with the frustration towards the slow internet we have, come on, let's at least cherish that
  • Being considerate: while designing a web solution, thinking of the “persona” who has a shitty connection seems to be forgotten sometimes; but we as Lebanese always think of those poor users!
And finally, inspired by this post:

  • Review and improvement: while trying to publish this post, I had the time to read it 3 times and identifyed several typos. I corrected them before i even published the post! And i still had to go outside, freeze for a while and publish this post!
And of course I have to thank our lovely government for thinking of all these advantages and of our well being. How did I not see these before?


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"What if" a nation

  • What if we had good leaders rather than just blind followers
  • What if we had affordable schools to provide our kids with a decent education
  • What if being from 2 different religions adds diversity to a couple rather than trouble
  • What if our religion wasn't as important as who we are and what we can do as individuals
  • What if colors were just colors
  • What if we were able to make plans regardless of our political situation
  • What if we had loving neighbors
  • What if we were able to visit all the amazing regions in the country without fear
  • What if guns were used to protect us from the rest of the world instead of each other
  • What if we had good electricity
  • What if we had better Internet
  • What if it our own achievements indicated who we are rather than our family's social status
  • What if people cared about each other rather than discussed each others lives
  • What if getting visas didn't require preparations and celebrations
  • What if how happy we will be in our lives wasn't measured by how much we spent on our wedding
  • What if the people we love lived in the country rather than just visited every now and then
  • What if watching the news wasn't a necessity
  • What if deciding what we wanted to be was an option rather than having it imposed on us
  • What if living abroad was merely an exploration of a new lifestyle rather than a step to actually have one
  • What if the future of our country wasn't a reflection of its past
  • What if we had equal opportunities and more qualified professionals at work
  • What if being different indicated that we are special rather an than outlaws
  • What if we didn't "pretend" to be proud of our country
  • What if we were more proud of being Arabs
  • What if we used our language more often
  • What if things changed
  • What if we had more hope
  • What if we were more honest
  • What if we were just happier
Just wondering and hoping one day i'll have the answer to at least one of those questions...