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Me, Myself and I

So I'm Lara and this is my blog (i'm not that good with introductions so just bear with me)...the name of the blog is self explanatory so i don't think someone should expect some some world/politics news in here...Everything here is going to be mostly evolving around my world...

I'm a 25 years old web consultant (keep incrementing that number every year), I'm still trying to figure out who i am what i want out of life!
I'm Lebanese, actually living in Lebanon which is not a very common case and i love to analyze, follow new passions and be around the people i love!
The reason i'm blogging is elaborated in my first post!

So i'm still pretty new in this, so bare with me and ignore all the nagging you're gonna read (which i have lately acquired and i'm working on getting rid of it)