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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update system...

I wish there was something that you can install in your system that sends alerts when a repetitive issue happens which you always handle wrong!Wouldn't it be so cool?? Most of the time we just need a reminder, a voice, an automated behavior that handles situations where we always wonder "why the hell do i keep doing this?".
Most of the time i blame it on my memory issues but it's much more than that...
For example, here's some of the things i wish become embedded in me so that i save myself some irriation from my own self:

In the Morning:
  • When the alarm rings , take it seriously  it and get out of bed… Snooze is not music and an hour and a half snoozing doesn't really make you sleep more!! Each snooze adds a little to that grumpy face you're gonna have in the morning
  • I will not die if I leave the house without having my coffee… I think preparing it is what wakes me up because most of the time I forget to actually drink it!
  • When you wake up early because you planned to go to gym the day before and packed your stuff and all, just get out of bed and go to the fucking gym!! You're not going to sleep more anyway and you're going to be pissed off the whole day because you didn’t!
  • Skip checking your email first thing in the morning…probably nothing major happened between 1 AM and 8 AM … it can wait few more minutes until real people send you stuff and not only spam and ads...
At Home
  • Home appliances do not regenerate... you need to interfere at some point to fix them!
  • The tv remote is not used to help you remember how to count from 0 to 100... going over the channels more than 3 times will not bring in anything interesting to watch...so either put on a DVD or shut the TV down.
  • A pile of clothes on the bed is not decoration…If you put them now in the closet it will save you some ironing later!
In Stores
  • Not every item displayed on a shelf is a necessity and is calling on you! Some things are really not going to be used so don’t buy them
  • Think about how much you want something before you buy it; it will not disappear, cause you death if you don't have it and it will not be the last item produced
  • You don't have to buy at least something everytime you shop!
In the Car
  • Two or three cars in front of you is not called "traffic", so don’t  try taking shortcuts that most of the time hold real traffic...
  • When your car needs fuel, it doesn't really understand that you're planning on giving to it…It's gonna stop at some point so don't postpone..
  • Washing your car is not a yearly ritural...When you start using tissues to open the door, go wash it!!
At the Gym
  • The couch and showers at the gym are not one of its specialities and are not the reason you went there... You can use them after you work out but not before or instead of working out!
  • If you realized you can't make it three times this week, doesn't mean you shouldn't at least go once! It's not all or nothing!!
  • The treadmill will not make you fat, so if u came late to a class or didn't find places then just use it!
So the list is not over yet, not even close... but i'm gonna have to stop now before i hit my head against the wall...

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