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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Manage privacy...

It’s really ironic how much we care about our privacy, sharing things about us only among our friends while our whole life is currently running naked on the web... I would think twice before adding someone i barely know on facebook, while the facebook administration knows about me more than i know about myself!
The web knows about me more than my best friends will ever know in a thousand years; Google directs me to check what i would be interested in reading and Facebook points out who are the people i know and gives me incentive to contact them! It's really impressive but from another perspective things look really scary. I mean i stopped thinking, stopped memorizing, stopped making an effort to make an extra step since google will do it for me anyway so why bother!
If there's no google reader, delicious and the web browser's bookmarks i wouldn't really know what i'm interested in (yeah again blame it on my memory issues). I admit that with the load of information we're getting daily, these tools are needed yet i don’t know how much we’re become dependent on them to the point that they became part of who we are!

I’m one of those people who rely on technology alot, i save everything online, share the most private things about me with my close friends online and trust that whatever i search for and my browsing trends are part of my privacy rights and are not saved and monitors anywhere... Fact is that they are, and that concept of privacy is a virtual rule!
I keep emailing my friends all day even thought most of the times they’re right in front of me, i follow my friend’s movement on google maps to see how much it would take us to meet, rely on calendar reminders and facebook to remember birthdays and appointments and rely on my phone to withdraw money coz no way on earth i’d remember my cards security code! Yet i'm still considered a basic user, since i still keep some aspects of my 3D life!
I sometimes wonder what would happen to me if facebook ,MSN and google closed...i'll be mourning my friend's list, my life's data (and my blog of course) and i wouldn't know how and where to start over! And i should be glad my phone device is still functioning coz at least i'll keep some clues about who i am and what i need to be doing and who my friends are!

I’m not trying to create this rage against the machines idea, (the web world is what i do for a living after all) but i’m starting to have trusting issues in the relationship here! It’s changing our human nature in a way that i forces me to wonder how things would be 10 years from now! With 10 years worth data about me, google will start to tell me when i should eat and when i should use the toilet!
Maybe we should take a step back and reconsider and evaluate how much we should maintain and keep from the human to human relationship because the LOL generated on the web is nothing like the actual meaning of the abbreviation in 3D... and the sad face you send on MSN (even though i love and it's so cute) doesn't really bring any reconciliation to whoever your sending it to!

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