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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bringing back the basket...

So i'm back! Haven't been blogging for a while (obviously), haven't even been checking my blog either (yeah, sad but true)
But it seriously feels like the Back to School phase where you have to pick up where you left off before summer started : organization, work, sleep, gym, healthy living, savings,layers of clothes which i merely replaced with the sun and alcohol.
Summer of 2010 was a remarkable summer! So many events, so many people, lots of alcohol and fun nights! Summer has always been my favorite season, as it brings so much energy in you (i think the sun alone is enough) and it breaks the dull routine.

The signs are so obvious even if you would want to ignore them:
  • Back to school ads (that still gives me the chills)
  • The school bus (which i don't usually see because i start work late but i hear about it from the traffic people around me are going through)
  • College students go back (and this i feel because now i can't find a parking place in the campus where i work)
  • Less and less visitors and foreigners
  • More home related advertisements
  • People move back to the city
  • Peak traffic hours return to be hours and not ALL WEEK!
  • Early sunsets
The list can go on forever...Even though it seems depressing ,dull and traumatizing for me, yet i love the change because it implies that time has come to rest, reorganize your daily routine, plans and create new challenges (maybe go back to the gym?).
Bottom line, i'm excited and back to blogging (since evidently there will be more nagging)


  1. Love it!! I still freak out every September about the School starting again, then I remember I'm way way way beyond this...yeeeeyyyyy :-)