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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"What if" a nation

  • What if we had good leaders rather than just blind followers
  • What if we had affordable schools to provide our kids with a decent education
  • What if being from 2 different religions adds diversity to a couple rather than trouble
  • What if our religion wasn't as important as who we are and what we can do as individuals
  • What if colors were just colors
  • What if we were able to make plans regardless of our political situation
  • What if we had loving neighbors
  • What if we were able to visit all the amazing regions in the country without fear
  • What if guns were used to protect us from the rest of the world instead of each other
  • What if we had good electricity
  • What if we had better Internet
  • What if it our own achievements indicated who we are rather than our family's social status
  • What if people cared about each other rather than discussed each others lives
  • What if getting visas didn't require preparations and celebrations
  • What if how happy we will be in our lives wasn't measured by how much we spent on our wedding
  • What if the people we love lived in the country rather than just visited every now and then
  • What if watching the news wasn't a necessity
  • What if deciding what we wanted to be was an option rather than having it imposed on us
  • What if living abroad was merely an exploration of a new lifestyle rather than a step to actually have one
  • What if the future of our country wasn't a reflection of its past
  • What if we had equal opportunities and more qualified professionals at work
  • What if being different indicated that we are special rather an than outlaws
  • What if we didn't "pretend" to be proud of our country
  • What if we were more proud of being Arabs
  • What if we used our language more often
  • What if things changed
  • What if we had more hope
  • What if we were more honest
  • What if we were just happier
Just wondering and hoping one day i'll have the answer to at least one of those questions...


  1. Good job writing this one ;)

    I always think of the "what if"-s concerning Lebanon, too. Especially when it comes to how people blindly follow their politicians and religious leaders.

  2. Thanks :D

    I wonder if we didn't have that many followers, if everything else would be solved...but then again, we'll never know :(

  3. I like it and I feel it deeply, especially after living 3 days in Beirut, you really deserve much more, and you will be ahead someday..

    Amazing thoughts :)

  4. Thanks!! and the saddest part is that u really need 3 days to figure this all out!!