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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Laws of Attraction (Part 2)

So i'm not gonna start with an introduction about why and how i haven't blogged for almost 2 years (which i kinda did just now but still...).

Inspired by a previous post 
"New Laws of Attraction" and based on my own/friends experiences, here's my list of other laws i believe apply frequently: (and no i'm not talking about "The Secret")

  1. The Financial Law: The intensity of your unexpected expenses is directly proportional to how broke you already are.
  2. Law of the Awkward Moment: The accidental hit of the like button on Facebook occurs only with profiles you shouldn't be on in the first place.
  3. The Rain Law: Thou shall wash thy car the day before it hails.
  4. The Suicide Law: Electronic devices will self destruct the moment you consider upgrading them.
  5. The Confusion Law: The moment you make up your mind about two options, a new option will appear.
  6. The Stain Law: It is more likely to spill coffee, colored beverages and/or sauces on your clothes when you are wearing white.
  7. Alcohol Law: Any night that starts with "Guys, I'm only having one drink tonight" is more likely to end with the world's worst hangover the next day.
  8. The 'Light' Law: When you try to start a healthy diet, you receive too many inevitable unhealthy dinner invitations
  9. The Fashionably Late Law: Your unpunctual friends will only show up on time when you want them to be late.
  10. The Workout Law: Your gym back decides to play "hide and seek" the day you actually end up going to the gym.
  11. The Guilt Law: You will always get actually sick on your planned sick days.
  12. Law of Lebanon: Unscheduled electricity cuts are more likely to take place when you're in the shower.
  13. Law of Keys: The few times you got stuck outside your house are times you really needed to pee.
  14. Law of Comfort: The moment you get used to using any social network, they decide to change everything about it.
  15. Law of Inevitability: You will only need things you usually have on you the day you actually forgot them (works perfectly with umbrellas).
  16. "Little Did You Know" Law: The moment you are sure that nothing can go wrong, anything that can possibly go wrong will.

    and finally inspired by this particular post:

  17. Law of Challenge : “To do” and “Things to remember” lists have a high probability of being lost. 
Till next time, hoping it's won't start with another introduction to why it took me few years before doing another post!



  1. Good to see you back :D
    ...and DITTO :P
    You cracked me up :P

    1. Glad i did :D :D and thanks MAHER :*