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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Where's my Christmas?

Am i the only one who doesn't feel like christmas at all? What is it about christmas becoming less exciting year after year?
Is it because we're growing up and because we believe in Santa anymore? I'd like to blame it on that, but there's a new christmas concept that's been created and i dont really like it!

The whole christmas spririt is changing, and it's becoming more and more commercial year after year. The whole idea of what christmas is and what it holds behind it as value is dissapearing, i mean even for kids who are supposed to cherrish it don't seem to get the real value anymore and care only about the gift.
They ask santa for Blackberrys and Wii's, and the simplicity of giving is fading away...
Moreover,since when, christmas trees decoration follows a fashion trend? Where did the color red go? oh no "hal seneh derij el azra2" why is everything either blue or silver?? What are we going to do next, make santa wear a pink costume next year?
Maybe i'm tradional and i like surprises more than consulted surprises, yet i can feel that things are not as they used to be before. I still love the concept that christmas holds which is all about giving, yet i dont like the new commercial twist in it.
I miss the concept of christmas when you give because you feel like giving and not having to give because it's an occasion where you "should" buy gifts to the people you love.
I miss being surprised under the christmas tree with gifts you didn't know what they were because the person who's getting you didn't ask you what you need and just went for a more personalized gesture rather than an expensive gift.
So, christmas is tonight, the song stuck in my head is Lady gaga's "Christmas Tree" which i dont wanna mention the lyrics here...Tomorrow it's gonna be over and i didn't feel the christmas sprit yet... Hopefully next year....
Anyways Merry Xmas!! 
Happy Holidays!

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