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Friday, October 23, 2009


I found myself for the past months in several situations where i'm asked to give advice and opinion on certain issues involving other people's lives, and as much as would always like to help and provide the best i can offer, i find myself helpless and trying as much as i can not to say anything that would seem like dictating behavior!! But it irritates me when it's sometimes what people want!!
Dont get me wrong, i would so much like to be able to help but no matter how smart or mature i am,i know that i will not be able to say the right thing because at the end of the day it's someone else's life involved, and it's totally different! We have different perspectives, background, reactions, and beliefs and hence what ever one person would do can never apply to someone else's life!

I'm trying to find out why people seek advice? Why do we tend to ask people around us about how we should behave in our most inner personal stuff and life turning events?
Aren't we the only ones who can only come up with the right thing to do? Why don't we trust our inner judgement and why are we always afraid to fall and to make the wrong choice?
And again, i'm not saying that we aren't supposed to share our questions and dilemmas, but we should really know when we have reached that thin line where people start to tell us what to do!!

I'm not usually the person who listens or asks for advice (well most of the time), not because i believe i'm smarter than everyone but just because i dont think anyone would be able to really dig deep and feel the same thing i'm feeling when it comes to anything that's on my mind! People can share their ideas, point out things you might have not thought about, yet you should be able to stop the moment you start to feel influenced totally by what they are saying!

But the biggest dilemma i face, is what would you tell people who want you to guide them on how to handle their life issues?? How would you react and what would you say?!
It really irritates me to the point that i had to scream at a friend a couple of days ago for asking me these questions! It really irritates me to see people admiting they're reckless and that they dont know how to behave, people who rely on others to be able to live their lives!

In the end, i'd really like to say that no matter what the only advice we should take is from ourself, because in the end we are the only ones to blame, we are the only ones who would feel any happiness or pain and that for others it's just so easy to throw their opinions on us!

And it's not so bad to make mistakes... isn't that the only way we actually learn?!

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