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Thursday, October 15, 2009

And we're all talking about climate change...

My post today is forced inspired by the Blog action Day which seems to be something very important that all bloggers have to follow... well I'm new to this whole blogging thing so whatever they tell me, I do! 
Actually if there wasn't someone in my entourage who keeps reminding me that i have to blog ...i would have probably accidently forgotten to blog... You see, i have issues with people telling me about what to write or say...like the times people tell you "So, tell me something!", for me it's absolute silence they receive!

That's why I do not have so much ideas about this topic, but all in all i dont see myself so worried about global warming like the whole world is! But when you're not usually a person who worries about the future then you can't force it on yourself!I like to leave everything to the future and then when it happens i start worrying!

Everyone is worried that the whole climate will change and that the next generations wont have the chance to witness a healthy planet earth...The seasons we're used to will be legends, life will be totally different and planet earth will seize to be habitable since the resources we currently have will expire one day!

But i'm not really worried about this day, not because i dont care but i really think we earned it! It's our human nature to actually wear out anything we put our hands on! Like as if the alternate measures we're taking today to prevent global warming won't have an effect on something else in the future.

Damage done! Maybe there is an expiry day for our planet, and maybe we just have to accept it and live with the alternatives!

You might feel i'm selfish and careless but I'm just being realistic! I don't mind change and really think we'll always find ways to survive and adjust, and if we can provide help to  diminish elimintate this threat then GOOD FOR US! That's why i'm not panicking and I'm not gonna invest a lot of time on that...

Happy Blog Action Day!

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